5 Creative Ways Moms Can Master Self-Care During the Pandemic!

5 Creative Ways Moms Can Master Self-Care During the Pandemic!

Navigating life in the midst of the global pandemic is extremely hard. Not only is anxiety on the rise, maintaining responsibilities related to your job, business, and self-care can be tough when you throw in adequate social-distancing and the strain of Covid-19 on society as a whole. Many moms have expressed frustration with  a new normal that includes being tasked with keeping little humans alive, productive, and engaged-especially if they have school-aged children who require remote learning.

As a woman-owned & mom-owned company, we wanted to do our part to spread internet hugs and provide tips for mastering self-care and maintaining your sanity during the pandemic. You can find our top ten tips below! Feel free to drop a comment and let us know how you're taking care of you!


  1. DIY Spa Day


When it comes to pampering yourself with a spa day, many people immediately think "massage" but the beauty in spending more time at home means you have the ability to indulge without the price tag and try out everything from homemade face mask recipes like these using avocado, to an epsom salt bath soak, and a fresh summer-inspired mani/pedi!


2. Peaceful Passion Project


Some people find things like knitting or painting therapeutic, but there's nothing like the ability to stop, reset, and create something beautiful! We found these amazing mini-projects that allow you to create and find your inner happy! 

3. Quarantine Picnic & "Distance-Friendly" Activity

With states easing pandemic-related restrictions, it's important to do everything you can to stay safe and healthy. However, getting sunlight, and fresh air can do wonders for your skin, mood, and overall wellbeing. If you have the ability to exercise, plan a picnic, or leverage great weather to stay outdoors and out of crowds a related activity might be a great stress-relief!


4. Learn a new skill or take a digital class

how to cook

One of the great things that came from social-distancing was the ability for almost everyone to have a bit' more time to self-reflect. If you have the time, learning a fun new skill, hobby, or signing up for a digital class could be a great addition to your self-care routine! We absolutely love skillshare for everything from learning how to edit photos "heyyy mom-bloggers" to learning how to cook like a chef! Thinking of trying skillshare out? Get two months premium FOR FREE by clicking here!


5. Learn Yoga, Meditation, and Breathing Techniques 

how to fight anxiety

We love a goodie freebie! In addition to the "calm" app which is a complete game-changer, we also love doyogawithme.com for learning how to balance our inner-being and find peace in any situation! These tools are great if you're battling pandemic-related anxiety and are in need of a mental reset.


Have great ideas that you want to share? Let us know by dropping a comment!


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