Here's How To Advocate For Feminine Hygiene At Your Workplace or School

Here's How To Advocate For Feminine Hygiene At Your Workplace or School

As society becomes more aware of the importance of sustainability and eco-friendliness, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses and organizations to make environmentally conscious decisions. One area that often goes overlooked is feminine hygiene product inclusion in restrooms. Most users prefer disposable tampons and pads during their menstrual cycles, which can have a significant impact in workplace success.

Femly is a company that provides sustainable and organic period care products. Our mission is to provide healthier and eco-friendly feminine care options for businesses, schools, and workplaces. Femly pads and tampons are made with U.S grown 100% organic cotton that is sustainable and free from harmful chemicals and fragrances, making them a much more eco-friendly option than traditional menstrual products.

In addition to organic period care, Femly also offers smart dispensers that can be installed in restrooms, making it easy for users to access pads and tampons in their workplaces through a convenient and discreet offering. Despite the benefits of offering feminine hygiene products at workplaces and businesses, many struggle to advocate for product inclusion onsite. If you are an employee or visitor of a school, business, or other organization, and you believe that Femly's products should be available in the restroom, here are some steps you can take to advocate for their adoption.

1. Download Femly One Page Info Sheet & Share

Click here to enter your email and download a one page info sheet on Femly! .

Saving and sharing the femly one-pager will allow you to make a compelling argument for period care inclusion at a business or workplace. You can also research the benefits of Femly's specific products and learn more about the company's mission and values at This will allow you to speak confidently about the importance of organic menstrual products, smart dispensers, and why they should be available in your workplace or organization.

2. Talk to Your Colleagues or Peers

Once you have done your research, start talking to your colleagues or peers about Femly's products. Explain why you believe they are important and why they should be available in the restroom. Encourage others to do their own research and learn more about the benefits of organic and sustainable menstrual products. The more people who are informed and on board with the idea, the more likely it is that decision-makers will take notice.

3. Identify Stakeholders Responsible For Sales/Partnership Decisions

The next step is to reach out to those who are responsible for making decisions about what products are available in the restroom. This could be the HR department, facilities management, or even the CEO or owner of the organization. Explain why you believe Femly's products are important and why they should be available in the restroom. Be prepared to provide research and data to support your argument. You can also provide examples of other organizations that have adopted sustainable menstrual products and the positive impact it has had on their employees or visitors.

4. Share Information About How Femly Works & Implementation


Longterm cost savings: One of the main reasons that decision-makers may be hesitant to adopt Femly's products is the cost. However, it is important to note that over time, switching to organic and sustainable menstrual products can actually save money. Traditional menstrual products can be expensive, especially when they are used in large quantities. In contrast, Femly's products are made to be longer-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacements. You can share this information with decision-makers to help them understand the long-term cost savings associated with adopting Femly's products.

Offer to help with the implementation: Finally, offer to help with the implementation of Femly's products. This could mean helping to install the dispensers or even volunteering to educate your colleagues or peers about the benefits of organic and sustainable menstrual products. By offering to help with the implementation, you are demonstrating your commitment to the cause!

To learn more about Femly or contact our team in order to learn more about purchasing for a workplace or organization, click here

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