Menstrual Cup

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Color: Pink
Size: Medium

Ready to break up with tampons and pads? The Femly menstrual cup is the perfect reusable alternative to traditional period care. 

Our menstrual cups aren’t just easy-to-use, they’re made from 100% medical-grade silicone and are toxin-free. They’re washable and reusable and can last up to four years. It comes with its own black velvet storage pouch. 

How Do I Know My Menstrual Cup Size?

Our cups come in two sizes MEDIUM and LARGE.

Medium is appropriate for women who have not had a vaginal birth and are under 25 years old.

Large is suited for women who are over 25 or have had a vaginal birth.


Is Inserting a Menstrual Cup Easy?

  1. Thoroughly wash your hands
  2. If you would like, you can use water or a water-based lubricant on the rim
  3. Fold the cup in half, holding it in one hand, rim facing up
  4. With the rim facing up insert the folded cup into your vagina like you would a tampon without an applicator. It should sit a few inches below your cervix
  5. Once the cup is comfortably inserted, rotate it and it will open to create an airtight seal to prevent leaks

How long can you wear a menstrual cup?

The Femly menstrual cup provides comfort and extended protection for up to 12 hours.


L: 13.25" W: 9.9" H: 20.25"

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Sizing for all

Did you know that most pads were designed for a women's size 4? With period care designed for all bodies & a range of options to fit most restrooms, we're here for you!

Overachieving Period Care

QR code on each feminine hygiene dispenser link back to health education, proper product usage and more. We also have accompanying wall display options.

Recycle Product & Reduce Wast

femly™ period care is package in eco-friendly paper. Our free-vend machines are designed without plugs, the need for disposable batters, work without a wall outlet.


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