We're on the forefront of innovation and are launching  our very own line of washable & reusable  bamboo cloth pads and cotton period panties!. Though we love the convenience of providing disposable products, we care about the environment and are working to decrease our carbon footprint. By manufacturing reusable products we're helping to increase access at an affordable price and do our part to provide a range of products that can be used by women seeking a more sustainable alternative!

Q: Why Are You Developing Reusable Products?

Reusable feminine care products are not only cost effective and cut the lifetime cost down by 95%, they're also allergen-free, comfortable, and washable!

Q: I'm Excited! When Does This Launch!

We're launching this product line in 2018 as an add-on to our subscriptions or one-off product that can be purchased on our e-commerce platform!

Q: Does This Support Women in Need?

Absolutely! We believe in hiring members from underserved communities, increasing access to health education and donating to women in need!


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