FAQ & Policies

Q: Whats your shipping policy?

We process and ship orders in 3-5 business days unless otherwise stated for preorders, bulk orders etc. Most items arrive within the week but always check your tracking number to get an accurate idea of how soon your products will ship! 

Sometimes packages are caught in a delivery loop that is outside of femly's control.

Q: I would like to have femly products available at my school/college/office/business. What can I do?
femly offers wholesale pricing and period care dispensers. We'd love to connect with the appropriate point of contact for your business. Send us an e-mail at sales@femly.com and let's get the conversation started! 
Q: I want to add an additional item to my order. Can you update my order?
Due to the volume of orders, we are not able to make updates to individual orders.
Q: I would like a refund/return/exchange my product.
Due to the nature of our products, we can not accept returns once they leave our facility. We will process refunds in the form of store credit issued using a Femly  gift card only after exhausting all means to correct and/or address your concerns. 

Q: What happens if my item hasn't arrived or I've inserted the wrong address?

Unfortunately, we do not have influence or authority over our delivery partners. Because insurance is provided, you have the option of filing a claim and receiving a reimbursement directly through the shipping provider.  If you've entered the wrong address, contact us immediately.

Q: What happens if my order is wrong?

Contact us at sales@femly.com.

Q: Is Femly a black owned company?

Yes!....*insert Cardi B voice* Okkkkurrrrt!


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