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How To Use Your Femly Cup

Our Femly Cup is an amazing alternative to tampons. Not only does it save you hundreds on personal care costs in comparison to spending on disposable products, it's also environmentally friendly, comfortable, and reusable!

How do I know if my cup is inserted correctly?

When inserted properly, you should not feel your cup and can easily feel for the stem when it's time to remove it.

How do I remove my Femly Cup?

To remove your Femly Cup, gently pull on the stem to release suction and remove the cup in an upright position. If seated over the toilet, you can wipe to remove excess blood and dump the remaining flow into the toilet. Many people also enjoy removal in the shower.

How do I clean my cup?

We recommend washing your cup with warm soapy water, and using a solution of Hydrogen peroxide to remove any remaining bacteria. We're also developing a sanitizer and amazing range of products so stay tuned!

Still have questions?

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