Our Impact

1. Stocking restrooms around the country with free products

We believe that anyone in need of period hygiene products should have access just as freely as we can find toilet paper. Because of this, we stock restrooms at schools, offices, and other locations to make sure that you have what you need on time, every time without having to pay.

Period poverty

2. Using plant-based materials to decrease our carbon footprint

Did you know that mainstream pads and tampons could take 300+ years to break down when thrown away? We didn't either! That's why we're using 100% organic cotton that's free of pesticides, cancer-causing additives and is biodegradable!

ethical period care

3. Forming our own nonprofit arm and partnering with others

We're focusing our efforts on three pillars which include access, education, and impact. Because of this, we're incorporating our own nonprofit to increase our product giveback and partnering with organizations who consistently do the work!

ending period poverty

4. Advocating to uplifting new and diverse voices

As a black woman-led company, we pride ourselves on breaking down barriers that lead to poor health outcomes in minority communities. We realized that many marginalized communities aren't usually given a "seat at the table" when it comes to innovation and representation. That's why we're focusing our efforts on providing sustainable products and relevant education that meets the needs of all menstruators whether you identify as a woman, member of the LGBTQ+ community, or simply don't like labels.

5. Funding causes that matter

As a social-impact driven startup, we've always been on the forefront of change. We use our profits donate and support causes that matter and effect the population we serve which is you! So far, we've provided five grants to underrepresented business owners who were affected by Covid shutdowns, donated to organizations to promote racial equity, and are planning our first impact event. Stay tuned for an official impact in October of 2022 report to track our efforts, keep us accountable, and support our initiatives going into 2022.