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6-Month Period Subscription (Save 10%)

6-Month Period Subscription (Save 10%)

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We know all about the pain of last minute store runs for period care! With this subscription option, you'll get one month worth of period care delivered every 4 weeks so that you never have to worry about last minute store runs or running out.

What's Inside?

Depending on the subscription you choose, you'll get our 100% cotton sanitary pads and/ or panty liners. What makes our products so amazing are our 3X absorbent core, winged protection, multi-layer weaving, and secure backing to ensure your products stay in place!

    Can I pause or cancel at anytime?

    Absolutely, just shoot us a message and we'll pause your subscription for up to three months or cancel your subscription per your request.

    Save 10% by signing up for a 6-month period care plan!

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