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We're femly™, a personal care brand on a mission to set a new standard. With organic cotton period products and patent-pending dispensers, we're elevating the restroom experience for people & places in need of a healthier option.

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Increasing student access in restrooms

Femly provides sustainable menstrual products and easy-to-use hygiene vending machines to support student success!


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"When thinking about inclusion and how our hotel could stand out, adding Femly to guest rooms was a no-brainer!"

Pringkal Saha

Hotel Owner

"As a dean of students at an HBCU, I'm always looking for better ways to support my students. I'm so thankful for these organic products.

Shelly Williams

College Professor

"I work in admin and was really excited to see Femly in the restrooms at my job,their pads definitely saved the day!

Veronica Sulley

Operations Assistant

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Frequently asked questions

Don't ovary act, we've got answers to your questions.

We work directly with team members responsible for restrooms items like toilet paper and paper towel. Where applicable, we happily work with preferred distributors.
The leading cause of "period poverty" or the lack of access to menstrual products and disposal facilities is money. By offering femly period care in restrooms, you are increasing access for anyone in need.
Many common hygiene products available in stores and restrooms contain harmful chemicals linked with cancer. Some organic brands also include pesticides. Femly is pesticide and additive free.
Yes! Femly is a partner and period care vendor for colleges, hospitals, hotels, and other organizations around the country!


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