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Merging a healthier cycle with inclusive access.

Eco-friendly period care for people & places.

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An Impact That Supports Everyone

Eco-friendly & Organic

Having femly™ in restrooms goes beyond an amenity. By providing easily accessible organic feminine care, we help create a supportive, productive environment in educational and professional settings.

Empowering Inclusivity & Wellbeing

Discover Femly's innovative dispensers. With a range of options for restrooms of all sizes, we're a period care partner for organizations who prioritize wellbeing.

Incusive Feminine Care Access

Elevate inclusivity with Femly's state-of-the-art free-vend dispensers. Our vending options tackle period poverty, and ensure no one is left behind, while promoting wellness and dignity in every restroom.

Our Impact By Industry

For Education

Femly revolutionizes menstrual care in education, offering students easy access to organic feminine products, which enhances focus and attendance in schools and universities.

For Healthcare

In healthcare settings, Femly's dispensers provide essential, organic menstrual care, ensuring patient comfort and upholding high standards of hygiene and care in hospitals and clinics.

pads and tampons for schools and offices

For Offices & Corporate

Femly elevates workplace wellness in corporate environments, integrating organic feminine care dispensers that boost employee satisfaction and support ESG & impact policies

pads and tampons for schools and offices

80% of people who use pads & tampons lack access in public restrooms

Offering high quality products isn't just thoughtful, it's good business.

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Tired of machines that eat your quarters & spit out disappointment?

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Is femly a diverse supplier?

Yes! Femly is Black woman-led. We're also certified woman & minority-owned business through NMSDC & WBENC.

What makes femly™ different?

Femly offers a range of organic menstrual products for schools & organizations. Our pads and tampons are made using U.S sourced organic cotton. In addition, we manufacture smart & innovative free-vend dispensers that include inclusive features for all.

Our vending units include:

  • 😘 Sleek & premium design (Let's face it, our dispensers are gorgeous and unique)
  • ✋🏽 Inclusive skin sensing motion sensors (for all complexions)
  • ♿ Friendly for disable users & vision impairment.
  • 🌎 Sustainable operation (units that use electricity have rechargeable components)
  • 🚽 Restroom-friendly materials that are easily wiped & sanitized
  • 🔧 Easy maintenance, inventory management, & restocking for facilities teams

So most sensors don't work for all skin tones?

Exactly! Many public faucets and hand dryers were designed using sensors that only work for certain skin tones. Our EcoFlow™ unit was designed to inclusively work for all!

I don't know how many products to order with my dispenser?

We recommend ordering one case of pads and one case of tampons.

Each case comes with 350 units.

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