New look, and elevated products ;)
For people and 🌎

Not your grandma's "sanitary pad"...

If you're anything like us, you've probably used a pad or tampon brand in stores for years, and had no idea that they were filled with chemicals leading to tough periods, illnesses, and even cancer. We also realized that last minute store runs aren't really convenient, so we crafted a line of 100% certified organic cotton products that delivers to your door!

We're Femly™, a personal care brand on a mission to set a new standard, provide relatable education, and deliver healthier products for people like you.

For and by people that care

Ending period poverty

Each purchase of Femly™ supports a mission that helps stock restrooms at schools, offices, and more to increase period care access for people in need. In addition, we partner with nonprofit organizations and accept donations at checkout to further the mission of making sure that everyone in need has free access to menstrual products.

Woman-owned with ❤️

Founded by a woman who wanted to set a new standard for what we put in and on our bodies.

A better period, every month.

"A painless period"

Even before my period starts, I usually have to take ibuprofen. It's day five and I haven't even taken a single mind is blown!

"A gamechanger"

Working out on my period is tough but I was so happy to see that the heavy pads had wide backing and extra wings!