Menstrual Maven Bundle

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 What's Inside?

Ditch the diaper-like pads of the 2000's and forget your period ever existed with our award-winning certified organic cotton bundle. With this order you'll get:

30 organic cotton pantyliners
16 organic cotton regular pads
16 ultra absorbent heavy pads 


Wear what you want, sleep on your back, and have your best period ever!

✔ Flowguard™ technology & weaving

✔ Balances Ph & blocks odor

✔ Does nothing for your emotional baggage

✔ Won't fix relationship issues



L: 13.25" W: 9.9" H: 20.25"

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Sizing for all

Did you know that most pads were designed for a women's size 4? With period care designed for all bodies & a range of options to fit most restrooms, we're here for you!

Overachieving Period Care

QR code on each feminine hygiene dispenser link back to health education, proper product usage and more. We also have accompanying wall display options.

Recycle Product & Reduce Wast

femly™ period care is package in eco-friendly paper. Our free-vend machines are designed without plugs, the need for disposable batters, work without a wall outlet.


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