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6 Black Woman-Owned Wellness Brands You Should Know!

6 Black Woman-Owned Wellness Brands You Should Know!

While scrolling through Twitter, we stumbled upon an interesting discussion about brands that were assumed to be Black-owned, but didn't have any black voices included at the executive level. As a result, many people immediately sought out information in hopes of replacing their previous products with new options from Black-owned brands. As a Black-owned feminine/personal care provider, we knew that we'd be able to do our part in helping people like you have access to healthier products, created by people just like you!

We've curated a list of black-owned skin, hair, lifestyle & personal wellness brands that you should follow and support! In an effort to highlight their amazing stories, we're also including links so that you can purchase and follow their journeys.

1. Demoseá 

Founded by Ronni Wilson Demosea (De-Mo-Sea) is the brand of the earth that speaks to those who love Mother Nature and know the power of her elements. Dedicated to clean beauty, founder, Ronni Wilson, shaped the essence of Demosea with pure botanical oils and ethically and locally sourced delicacies from the deserts, mountains, and seas.

2. Nancy's Kitchen Products

Founded by Donna Jenay, Nancy's Kitchen Products is a hair care line created in honor of her grandmother Nancy. With their high quality natural ingredients and effortless styling advice, NKP's products are great for the everyday naturalista...P.S they just launched a men's line too!


3. Saige & Ivy

Launched by Brittney Oliver, Saige & Ivy provides natural & aluminum-free deodorant, body powder, and under arm masks. Their wellness products  tackle sweat, odor, and hyper-pigmentation!

4. The Butter Depot

The Butter Depot is owned by the ever-so-fabulous Lydia Watson, and specializes in one thing whipped butter. They provide hair and body butter like you've never tried before. 

5. Femly

Founded by Arion Long, Femly is a natural & organic period care company that delivers to your door! Their popular products are 3X more absorbent, secure, and leak-free. 

6. ElonWick Candle Co

Launched by Elondia Harden, Elonwick candle company is an ode to all things magnificent. With their fragrant so candles, and quirky scent names, you'll love their candles!



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