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EcoMini™ Dispenser

EcoMini™ Dispenser

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Introducing the Femly EcoMini Dispenser – the ultimate solution for convenient and accessible feminine hygiene. Perfectly designed for compact spaces, the EcoMini seamlessly integrates into any restroom environment, from office buildings to educational institutions. Its versatile design allows for easy placement on sinks, in small nooks, or directly mounted on restroom stalls, ensuring essential feminine care products are always within reach.

EcoMini™ Features:

  • Seamless Design: EcoMini™ is made to be lightweight & compact
  • AI Powered QR Codes: Provide health education, product information & more
  • Ergonomic Functionality: Rounded corners & easy-to-stock 

Capacity: This unit holds 10 femly™ pads & 10 femly™ tampons

Restroom Traffic Recommendation: Ideal for medium to low traffic areas, the EcoMini offers a discreet, grab-and-go vending experience, making it a must-have for modern, inclusive restrooms focused on providing exceptional care and convenience. If you're looking for pads & tampons for schools, or a feminine hygiene vending option look no further.

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